The Invercauld Scottish Dance Band

The Lilian Linden Collection of Scottish Music

Scottish music book for piano, accordion or fiddle

The Lilian Linden Collection of Scottish Music includes three decades of original compositions by Lilian Linden, acclaimed Scottish music pianist and founder of the Invercauld Scottish Dance band.

From lively jigs and reels to traditional strathspeys and lyrical slow airs, you'll enjoy playing the whole range of Scottish music either for dancing or listening.

  • Andrew McConnell
  • Alastair Aitkenhead *
  • Philippe Rousseau *
  • Eugene Burden *
  • The Folwells *
  • Peter Macfarlane *
  • Karl's Jig *

  • Geoffrey St Clair Cornwall
  • June's Reel
  • June Linden *
  • Frank Reid Reel
  • Malcolm's Reel
  • Mrs Anna Crawford
  • Paul Plummer *
  • Camberley Hornpipe

  • Frank Reid Strathspey
  • Jim & Jessie's Golden Wedding *
  • St Columba's, Pont Street *
  • Jim's Pipes *
  • Malcolm's Strathspey *

Slow Air Strathspeys
  • Dawn's Lullaby *
  • Bruce Frazer *
  • Bob & Betty Beattie's Golden Wedding Strathspey
  • Clan Farquharson *
  • Castle Campbell *
  • Sandy Nixon *
  • Hugh & Marion's Diamond Wedding
  • Celeste Wishart
  • The Falkirk Wheel
  • A Tune for Beryl
  • Willie Johnstone

Slow Air
  • To Keith *

  • Bob & Betty Beattie's Golden Wedding Waltz

Note: The tunes marked with an asterisk (*) above are also available on the CD Peter Macfarlane (fiddle) and Lilian Linden (piano).

The sheet music for all Lilian's compositions from the CD are included in the book The Lilian Linden Collection of Scottish Music.

The book and CD are available to purchase for £10 each, plus shipping as follows:
Shipping for 1 book£2.25£3.35£5.09
Shipping for 1 CD£2.00£3.00£5.00
Shipping for 1 book & 1 CD£2.77£5.30£8.24

To place an order or enquire about combining shipping for multiple items, please email me (Lilian) at

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